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David was a keynote speaker at learning@school 07.
David Warlick's unique voice and message combine a wide range of experiences, both in and outside the education arena. He ran two businesses before graduating from high school and spent more than a year in manufacturing before completing his undergraduate work. He worked for nearly ten years as a middle school social studies, math, and science teacher, during which he also wrote award-winning instructional software and introduced hundreds of teachers to the educational potentials of desktop computers.
In 1984, David moved to a central office position, as Director of Technology and then on to the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction where he served as a technology integration consultant and built the nation's first state department of education web site.
Since 1995, Mr. Warlick has been the owner and principal consultant of The Landmark Project, a professional development, web design, and innovations firm in Raleigh North Carolina. During this time David has spoken at conferences and delivered workshops for educators in nearly every state of the U.S. and audiences in Europe, Asia, and South America.
David Warlick has been an innovator and leader in the field of educational technology and a prolific programmer, writing some of the most popular interactive web tools available for teachers on the Internet - most of them free. He created and maintains the second oldest continuing online project, Global Grocery List, and writes for publications that include Technology & Learning Magazine, ALA?s KnowledgeQuest, Education World, and CUE Online. He has also written three books about modern technologies in education and contemporary literacy, and he has been quoted in Education Week, The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, Washington Post, and USA TODAY.
What makes David a highly effective and sought-after speaker is that, at heart, he is a teacher with a contagious passion and enthusiasm for helping people discover a brand new world of teaching and learning.
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